Introduction: The First Hungarian University Ranking: The UnivPress Ranking (since 2001)

The independent higher education expert group Universitas Press Hungary commenced the theoretical and methodological work of implementing Hungarian university and college rankings at the turn of the Millennium. After two years of preparation we began publishing the rankings in 2001 and since then have done so on the basis of essentially the same methodology. The so called UnivPress Ranking (later: UnivPress-Felvi Ranking) has had a special institutional background: the initiator has been an independent expert group, with contribution of the governmental Hungarian higher education agency, published via the most popular and respected weekly business magazine and on the official website of Hungarian governmental higher education office. Today the UnivPress Ranking is managed by Higher Education Research Network of the Eötvös Loránd University Budapest (ELTE), largest and most respected higher education institute of Hungary. The founder and leader of UnivPress Ranking is Dr. György Fábri PhD, associate professor of philosophy and communication, vice dean of ELTE.

Characteristic of the UnivPress Ranking Hungary:

  At once theoretical research and media-project
  Research background: philosophy of science, sociology of higher education, social psychology, theory of communication
  Viewpoint: rankings are (too)mediatized form of communication between higher education and audience (future student and there families, decision makers, supporters)