History of Methodology of UnivPress Ranking

Indicators of UnivPress ranking

  • The original UnivPress Rankings are prepared on the basis of nationwide research and data collection covering the vast majority of educational fields. There are five nationwide representative sociological student opinion surveys, four lecturer-employer ranking opinion surveys, six professional conferences, a time series database – which is unique in Hungary – and approximately fifteen printed sheets of study papers underlying the rankings. General Principles of Ranking Multiple aspects: the principle is that there is no absolute best or worst institution. It is thus best to compare universities and colleges on the basis of all the relevant and measurable indicators possible. Profound and valid methodology: every institutional ranking should be professionally well grounded, accurate and authentic with respect to data provision, statistics and research methodology. The full methodology of preparing the rankings is published by those who carry out the study. Sources of the data:
  • Third Party:

– data of the Ministry of Education and Culture based on information provision by the institutions themselves;

– application and admission data from the National Higher Education Information Centre;

– data from the Council for National Scientific Students’ Circles;

  • (Until 2006) Survey:

– representative empirical sociological research involving university and college students;