Key Lecture: Rankings Criticism by Mr. Marmolejo (The World Bank)

The first real key lecture is given by Francisco Marmolejo, Lead, Global Solutions Group on Tertiary Education and Lead Education Specialist for India, The World Bank. He is a well-knowed critics of rankings ( and in this lecture he emphases, that rankings go against the growing diversity of higher education


Universities on Crossroads of National and Global Rankings

Ranking-workshop in Budapest – with ranking-experts an university leaders.

I. Indicators of Global and National Rankings (Lectures and Discussion)

  1. Indicators of Scientific Productivity on Global and National Levels
  2. Indicators of Teaching: Viewpoints of National and Global Excellence and Employability
  3. Measurability of Third Mission from Global Perspective

II. Discussions

  1. Indicators and Results of UnivPress Ranking and Hungarian Universities at Global Rankings
  2. Politicians and Media – Differences in Reactions to National and Global Rankings
  3. Diverse Reactions and Strategies from Universities to National and Global Positions

Date: 31. March, 2017

Further details comming soon!

Universities of the UK in the Matrix of National and Global Rankings

National and global rankings – the UK sample:


University of Cambridge444111
University of Oxford617222
UCL (University College London)7151761410
Imperial College London9822574
Univesity of Edinburgh192741372219
King's College London213650274221
The University of Manchester295535323125
London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)3725151-2008123
University of Bristol417157193824
The University of Warwick5182151-200798
University of Glasgow6388151-200292629
Durham University7496201-300466
The University of Nottingham75147101-150202521
University of St Andrews77110301-400335
University of Birmingham82130101-150161315
The University of Sheffield84109101-150244127
University of Southampton87121101-150211617
University of Leeds93133101-150131616
Queen Mary University of London123113151-200403431
University of York127129201-300171920
Lancaster University129137989
Cardiff University140182101-150463335
University of Aberdeen141188201-300443642
University of Liverpool157158101-150395938
University of Bath159251-300301-400121011
The University of Exeter164126151-20091113
Newcastle University168190301-400223725
University of Reading175192301-400313227
University of Sussex187149201-300182018
Queen's University Belfast195201-250301-400264833
Royal Holloway University of London235173344537
Loughborough University237301-3501147
University of Leicester239172201-300254732
University of Dundee244180201-300282835
SOAS University of London252401-500353043
University of East Anglia (UEA)252165201-300152414
University of Surrey261251-300401-50014411
University of Strathclyde272401-500485148
Birkbeck, University of London280201-250
City, University of London314351-400501840
Heriot-Watt University327401-500372734
University of Essex330301-350306241
Brunel University London345301-350401-500547752
Aston University358351-400332930
Oxford Brookes University359401-500695765
University of Kent366301-350232323
University of Stirling385301-350435839
Swansea University390301-350443945
Bangor University411-420301-350401-500615562
Goldsmiths, University of London421-430301-350544651
Aberystwyth University491-500301-3505610887
Kingston University, London501-550601-80012288109
Keele University551-600401-500423446
University of Bradford551-600601-800765253
University of Hull551-600501-600657168
Middlesex University601-650501-600747478
Ulster University601-650501-600687970
University of Portsmouth601-650401-500594361
Coventry University651-700601-800471550
London Metropolitan University651-700601-800127118127
Plymouth University651-700351-400807684
Manchester Metropolitan University701+601-800726057
Northumbria University at Newcastle701+601-800655059
Nottingham Trent University701+601-800575363
Robert Gordon University701+801+864444
University of Central Lancashire701+601-8001018799
University of East London701+601-800123115126
University of Greenwich701+601-8001079898
University of Hertfordshire701+501-600919479
University of Huddersfield701+601-800777779
University of Salford701+601-800988395
Anglia Ruskin University301-35010866110
Bournemouth University601-800627956
De Montfort University601-800676154
Edinburgh Napier University601-800937092
Glasgow Caledonian University601-800999982
Leeds Beckett University601-800112114114
Liverpool John Moores University501-600868474
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine151-200
London South Bank University801+120107115
Royal Veterinary College301-350
Sheffield Hallam University801+798672
St George’s, University of London201-250401-50070-44
Teesside University601-800101102107
The Open University401-500
University of Bedfordshire601-800121113120
University of Brighton601-8001049190
University of Lincoln601-800515649
University of Roehampton601-800789069
University of the West of England601-800606867
University of the West of Scotland601-800106103110
University of Westminster601-800117112102

Upcoming Ranking-Expert Event!

Our team contribute to the ranking-workshop that will be held in Budapest on 31 March 2017, supported by TEMPUS.


– international and Hungarian ranking experts

– representatives of Hungarian universities


– relation between university-positions in the global and national rankings.

– reactions of decision makers and institutions on results of global and national rankings.


Universities in the Matrix of National and Global Rankings

An example, see a short overview about position of Hungarian universities (2015):


THE ARWU Leiden (impact) Leiden (collaboration) USNEWS SCIMAGO National: UP total

National: UP academic staff

501–550 University of Szeged 501–601 Semmelweis University 401-500 Eötvös Lorand University 703 University of Szeged 78 Eötvös Lorand University 465 Eötvös Lorand University 511 University of Szeged 1 Semmelweis University 3 University of Pécs
601–650 Eötvös Lorand University 601–800 Budapest University of Technology and Economics 401-500 University of Szeged 681 University of Debrecen 56 Semmelweis University 585 University of Debrecen 519 Budapest University of Technology and Economics 2 Eötvös Lorand University 4 Semmelweis University
601–650 University of Debrecen 601–800 University of Debrecen 583 Semmelweis University 226 University of Debrecen 722 Budapest University of Technology and Economics 531 Semmelweis University 4 University of Szeged 5 University of Szeged
701+ Corvinus University of Budapest 601–800 Eötvös Lorand University 538 Eötvös Lorand University 354 University of Szeged 736 Semmelweis University 550 Eötvös Lorand University 5 University of Pécs 7 Eötvös Lorand University
601–800 University of Pécs 577 Budapest University of Technology and Economics 419 Budapest University of Technology and Economics 745 University of Szeged 551 University of Debrecen 8 University of Debrecen 13 University of Debrecen
601–800 University of Szeged 576 University of Pécs 10 Corvinus University of Budapest 21 Corvinus University of Budapest
653 Corvinus University of Budapest 10 Budapest University of Technology and Economics 21 Budapest University of Technology and Economics


IREG Forum 7, Aalborg University – Introduction a new member: the ELTE!

Prof. Fábri: “Rankings are media phenomenon of the postmodern mass democracy.”

 Mr. President, Dear Colleagues!

I welcome you in name of Hungary’s oldest and most competitivness (based on ranking positions too) research university.
It is a great honor to us that the we should be member of the International Ranking Expert Group – Observatory, one of the most important global organization of higher education. This membership offer for us a chance to learn about new viewpoints, methods, impacts of university rankings. I hope, you can also use results of our own researc11415514_10206249837980827_3605115166944311444_oh and experiments about the ranking-questions.

My institution not only observes and evaluates it’s ranking positions, but also analyzes such results trough the work of our special research group established for this purpose. The most well-known Hungarian university ranking are also the achievement of this team’s work.

Our research on fields of social psychology, sociology, philosophy of sciences and social communication serve for us the theoretical background under which we interpret rankings and their effects on universities.

Read more IREG Forum 7, Aalborg University – Introduction a new member: the ELTE!

IREG Membership


Great news! We are proud to announce that General Assembly of the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence has admitted Eötvös Loránd University as a full member, the university is thus the first institution to be admitted from Hungary.


About IREG

IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence is an international non-profit association concerned with ranking and promotion of quality of higher education. A full membership is granted to organizations that are highly active in the area of academic ranking research and analysis.