IREG Forum 7, Aalborg University – Introduction a new member: the ELTE!

Prof. Fábri: “Rankings are media phenomenon of the postmodern mass democracy.”

 Mr. President, Dear Colleagues!

I welcome you in name of Hungary’s oldest and most competitivness (based on ranking positions too) research university.
It is a great honor to us that the we should be member of the International Ranking Expert Group – Observatory, one of the most important global organization of higher education. This membership offer for us a chance to learn about new viewpoints, methods, impacts of university rankings. I hope, you can also use results of our own researc11415514_10206249837980827_3605115166944311444_oh and experiments about the ranking-questions.

My institution not only observes and evaluates it’s ranking positions, but also analyzes such results trough the work of our special research group established for this purpose. The most well-known Hungarian university ranking are also the achievement of this team’s work.

Our research on fields of social psychology, sociology, philosophy of sciences and social communication serve for us the theoretical background under which we interpret rankings and their effects on universities.

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IREG Membership


Great news! We are proud to announce that General Assembly of the IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence has admitted Eötvös Loránd University as a full member, the university is thus the first institution to be admitted from Hungary.


About IREG

IREG Observatory on Academic Ranking and Excellence is an international non-profit association concerned with ranking and promotion of quality of higher education. A full membership is granted to organizations that are highly active in the area of academic ranking research and analysis.