Program and Speakers

I. Opening Speeches: Rankings and the Decision Makers

Prof. Luiz Claudio COSTA, International Ranking Expert Group;

Prof. László PALKOVICS, Minister for Innovation and Technology, Hungary;

Prof. Laszlo BORHY, Rector Eötvös Loránd University

II. Meeting of Three Cultures: Universities, Rankings and the Social-Economic Environment

Dr. Csilla STEGER,  PwC Hungary

Dr. Bartlomiej BANASZAK, Department of Science, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Poland

Prof. Adam TÖRÖK, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

III.  Are There Theory of Rankings? (opening keynote speech)

Keynote Speech:

Prof. Ulrich TEICHLER, University of Kassel: The Hidden Theoretical Underpinnings of the University Ranking Discourse

IV. Theoretical Approaches about Excellence

Keynote Speech:

Prof. Csaba PLÉH, Central European University: The internal structure and predictors of scientific excellence

Roundtable Discussion: 

Waldemar SIWINSKI, Perspektiwy Ranking, International Ranking Expert Group;

Dr. Sándor SOÓS, Hungarian Academy of Science;

Keynote Speech:

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang GLÄNZEL, KU Leuven: The Excellence and the Numbers – Metrics and Science

Keynote Speech:

Prof. Theodore PORTER, UCLAInversions of Measurement: We Value What We Rank

IV. Reflexions of Ranking Providers I.

Gero FEDERKEIL, U- Multirank CHE;

Prof. Nian Cai LIU, Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

V. Rankings as Social Phenomena

Keynote Speech:

Prof. Peter ERDI, Kalamazoo CollegeWigner Research Centre for Physics: The evolution of the social game we all play

Roundtable Discussion: Universities as Knowledge-Institutions in  the Ranking Games

Prof. Mircea DUMITRU, University of Buchurest;

Prof. Mirko Degli ESPOSTI, University of Bologna;

Dr. Habib M. FARDOUN, King Abdulaziz University;

Dr. Zuzanna GORENSTEIN, Hochschulrektorenkonferenz Deutschland;

Roundtable Discussion: Global Rankings in a Historical-Sociological Perspective

Dr. Jelena BRANKOVICH, Universität Bielefeld;

Dr. Leopold RINGEL, Universität Bielefeld;

Prof. Tobias WERRON, Universität Bielefeld;

 V. Rankings as Media Phenomena

Keynote Speech:

Dr. Richard HOLMES, University Ranking Watch: Crisis, Conflct and University Rankings

Keynote Speech:

Dr. György FÁBRI, Eötvös Loránd University: Mesaured or Communicated?

VI. Reflections of Ranking Providers II.

Robert J. MORSE, US News Ranking;

Dmitry GRISHANKOV, RAER Ranking;

Dora CZIRFUSZ, Eötvös Loránd University, UnivPress Ranking Hungary;

Nicolas CLETZ, Times Higher Education Ranking;

VII. Closing Reflections

Prof. Luiz Claudio COSTA, International Ranking Expert Group;