Hungarian National University Ranking – The “UnivPress Ranking” – since 2001

The independent higher education expert group Universitas Press Hungary started the theoretical and methodological work of implementing Hungarian university and college rankings at the turn of the Millennium. After two years of preparation (1999-2000), the first edition of UnivPress Ranking – also the very first higher education ranking in Hungary – was published in 2001.

The UnivPress Ranking has had a special institutional background: it was initated by an independent expert group, realised with contribution from a Hungarian governmental higher education agency, and published via the most popular weekly national business magazine and on the official website of the Hungarian Government’s higher education office.  It has has been prepared in several editions over the past decade, several among them in cooperation with the National Higher Education Information Office/Educatio Public Service Non-Profit Company.

The UnivPress Ranking has been based on nationwide research and data collection covering the vast majority of educational fields, including 5 nationwide representative sociological student opinion surveys, 4 lecturer-employer ranking opinion surveys, 5 professional conferences, a time series database—which is unique in Hungary—and approximately 15 printed sheets of study papers. Since its conception, it has followed the principle of multiple aspects (i.e. higher education institutions should be compared on the basis of all the relevant and measurable indicators possible) and the principle of profound and valid methodology (i.e. institutional rankings should be professionally well-grounded and accurate and authentic with respect to data provision, statistics and research methodology used for their preparation).

Today the UnivPress Ranking is managed by the Social Communication Research Group at Eötvös Loránd University (Faculty of Education and Psychology) , Hungary’s largest and most prestigious university, in cooperation with Tudástársadalom Foundation.   The founder and leader of UnivPress Ranking is Dr. György Fábri PhD, associate professor of philosophy and communication, vice-dean of Faculty of Education and Psychology (PPK hence) of Eötvös Loránd University.