About us

University Rankings from Critical Perspective

of Social Sciences and Humanities



Motto: Rankings seem to win over the defend of meritocratic university viewpoints in the media and in the social thinking, as well.



Our mission:

Analyses of higher education ranking

Creating own original rankings about Hungarian higher education institutes

Implementation of new ranking-developments of ranking-research

Discussions about higher  educational rankings

Critical monitoring of global ranking’s methods, impacts and mis-uses

Popularization and academic review of ranking-thematic in the media


The first Hungarian national ranking was initialized 15 years ago by our research team and since that it has been published in the most popular Hungarian weekly magazine every year. We provide national rankings using students’ and teachers’ datas including all Hungarian higher education institutes.

Our ranking project contains empirical and theoretical research, as well, examining the social and communication background of rankings in partnership with several science-fields, such as socialpsychology, pedagogy, communication theory, intercultural, higher education management and scientrometrics.

We also offer undergraduate, graduated and PhD courses on this field at Eötvös Loránd University (Budapest, Hungary), where beside the lectures, students are welcomed to join our research projects.

Chair of our research Group is Dr, habil György Fábri, assistant professor of ELTE. He launched the first Hungarian university ranking, served as Vice President of ELTE for five years.