IREG Forum 7, Aalborg University – Introduction a new member: the ELTE!

Global Ranking Monitor
Prof. Fábri: "Rankings are media phenomenon of the postmodern mass democracy."  Mr. President, Dear Colleagues! I welcome you in name of Hungary’s oldest and most competitivness (based on ranking positions too) research university. It is a great honor to us that the we should be member of the International Ranking Expert Group – Observatory, one of the most important global organization of higher education. This membership offer for us a chance to learn about new viewpoints, methods, impacts of university rankings. I hope, you can also use results of our own research and experiments about the ranking-questions. My institution not only observes and evaluates it’s ranking positions, but also analyzes such results trough the work of our special research group established for this purpose. The most well-known Hungarian university ranking are also…
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